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The 350 engine is an icon in the engine manufacturing industry. The small block 350 engine was first introduced in 1967. The first engines were V8, internal combustion engines with a 3.48 inch stroke and a 4.00 inch bore. The engine was known for its high power and great torque. It is one of the most sought after engines in the automotive aftermarket thanks to its towing capabilities and hauling capacity.

Chevy found a long term workhorse in the 350 engine, but like any other high performance engine it needed regular maintenance and oil changes to function efficiently. If the 350 was serviced regularly it proved itself in terms of longevity and reliability, but not all engines were serviced properly.

The 350 engine has a special place in Corvette history. It was the standard engine in the 1971 Vette and it continued to be the standard engine in the Vette until a new version was introduced in the 1990s. Through the years the power was reduced to 270 horsepower with 360 ft-lbs of torque. Those engines had a 8.5: 1 compression ratio. The 1976 through 1979, 350 engines had 180 horsepower with 270 ft-lbs of torque, but in 1980 the horsepower was increased to 190 hp.

US Production ended in 2003, but aftermarket parts like the camshaft, exhaust headers, and intakes are readily available to help rebuild any old 350 engine or to maintain a newer version. The small block versions of the 350, which include the 262, 267, and 305 were used in older station wagons as well as pickup trucks. They can also be rebuilt using parts that are available in today’s auto parts market.

The reason that rebuilt 350 engines are so popular is GM replaced the engine with a new version called the Generation II LT V8, and the Generation II LS in 1992 even though the 350 was still in production in Mexico. The LS version was used in rear wheel drive vehicles, and it became the only engine used in Corvettes after 1997.

The 350 engine is still in production in Mexico as an aftermarket engine under the Mr. Goodrich brand. There have been over 90 million fuel-injected, small block 350 engines made since 1955, and that fact guarantees that there’s no shortage of aftermarket parts to rebuild them.

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